2013 NDMRC Exhibition

NDMRC Exhibition 2013 – a great success – see our photo gallery

Venue:   The Northampton High School for Girls


Chairman’s report

It was with great excitement that I awoke on the morning of our 2013 annual exhibition. After the trials and tribulations of last year’s show ( which I will not bore you with) it was great to have a smart new school venue for this year’s one. Up to the time when the show is actually open for business it can be very stressful time for all the committee members including myself. Questions like, will all the layouts get to the show safely, will all the traders make it as well, and have we missed something really crucial, are always being asked. Also, we always worry if everything will fit in the available space, and will something happen at the show we did not plan for!

Most important question of all that we always ask is, will we get plenty of visitors to the show, and will everyone have a great time on the day.

On the day there were the usual minor “challenges” that preceded the opening of the show, but nothing that the members on the day could not handle. We were particularly delighted that His Worship the Mayor of Northampton (Councillor Les Patterson) accompanied by the Mayoress, opened the event for us and stayed a while to look at the exhibits and chat to the exhibitors. The show seemed to be busy all day and when I spoke to several visitors as they were leaving, they all said they had thoroughly enjoyed the show.

I am pleased to say that this year’s event showed a small profit for club funds, and hopefully next year, with a few cost savings and more advertising aimed at family visitors, we can improve on this year’s figure. Thanks genuinely go to all the club members, and the club’s committee who all made the day the success it turned out to be. I would also especially like to thank the ladies who looked after the catering on the day, they were magnificent. Finally thanks to the cadets who looked after the car parking, and to the site manager who was extremely helpful on the day.

We finally had around 24 layouts and 14 traders attending, as one layout could not make it as the exhibitor was unfortunately taken ill on the way to the show. Thankfully he has now made a full recovery. On talking to all the traders who supported us on the day, all seemed pleased with the venue, and said they would like to return next year. Taking a general overall view of the show I feel that there seems to still be an interest in model railway generally, especially European and American, however the number of young visitors to the show was low and this may be a concern to the hobby in the future.

The Northampton High School for Girls has turned out to be an ideal site for the show, and hopefully we will be returning there in 2014. Finally I would like to thank sincerely anyone reading this report who attended the show, for without you this event would just not happen.

Les Pace
Club Chairman August 2013