Gallery – Club Exhibition 2015

Here are some pictures from our 2011 club exhibition.
The images will run as a slideshow or you can use the arrows to scroll through them more quickly.

Club Exhibition 2015

[img src=]2370Broadway
[img src=]1990Coldharbour Lane
[img src=]1660Coldharbour Lane (2)
[img src=]1640Elwyn Flats
[img src=]1510Main Hall - general view
[img src=]1480Greenford (1)
[img src=]1300Greenford (2)
[img src=]1310Greenford (3)
[img src=]1160Greenford (5)
[img src=]1220Radio Northampton - Underground Ernie
with the Deacon grandchildren
[img src=]1020Greenford Central
[img src=]1170Radio Northampton
Annabel Amos interviews Richard Deacon
[img src=]1240Underground Ernie