Greenford Layout – 2016 update

GREENFORD – 2016 update


You can read more about this layout and see some images on the Greenford 2016 gallery page

This club layout started life as an end to end Terminus to Fiddle Yard set up. However this proved difficult to operate in the clubrooms and at shows, so a decision was taken to convert it to a large oval, this has now been completed with a 10 track fiddle yard. Also many of the points have been changed from rod control to point motor control.
The original terminus is now a through station which allows a lot more variety of stock to be used, passenger and freight.
At present more work needs to be done, so this is a layout in progress, but at least when we set up we can run trains, which is what the hobby is all about….running trains, playing trains whatever.
We set up this layout to run on every 3rd Wednesday and if you have some 00 locos or stock that you may want to “stretch its legs” you might want to arrange with us to come along and see if we have some room for you on the night.
Please contact us prior to visiting for the next running date in the calendar..

This layout is available for exhibition. Exhibition managers can contact us via our contact form for more information if required.